Clare brings a thoughtful and dedicated approach to communications and truly knows the value that strong public affairs can bring to an organization.  


She is quick to understand goals and objectives and establish a strategic communications plan that will identify stakeholders and any potential issues in order to formulate a plan and address the issues in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


I have had the benefit of working closely with Clare on a number of occasions and I know she has a very strong social conscience and always works toward win/win situations for the benefit of everyone. Her corporate citizenship expertise speaks for itself!


Clare is a strategic thinker with a roll-up the sleeves attitude to get things done. I highly recommend her services!

Jess Nieukerk

Senior Director Investor Relations, AltaGas Ltd. 

Clare has been a pleasure to work with on a variety of projects. She is well-organized, thoughtful in her work and an expert in project management. Her detailed focus has ensured that our events have been planned with ease and very successful.


Jessica Kostka-Elliott

CEO, Breakaway Strategies Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Clare for  well over five years.

Her strategy and support on the Aboriginal Relations file during the historic flooding that impacted several of our Southern Alberta communities was invaluable and led to both a successful and well executed plan that aided communities in crisis but infrastructure and programs that are still used to this day.  

As a Public Relations specialist she is able to both see the big picture and the minute details and steps needed to achieve the goal.

Her work and support on my projects was invaluable to the success of the Community Investment budget allocated to the crisis of the flooding that effected Calgary and surrounding communities.  

It was a pleasure working with Clare and  I would highly recommend her work and her personally. 

Malina Adams

Aboriginal Affairs, Husky Energy (former)

Clare was an integral part of me starting up my own business.  She is a true professional and can offer great insight, guidance, and wisdom to all stages of building, managing, and maintaining a business, big or small.  


Whether it be consulting services, content creation, running analytics, even something on a smaller scale, such as organizing and scheduling, Clare will have a quick and efficient solution for you. 

The magnitude of starting up a business was overwhelming to me, but Clare owns this calming, yet dynamic demeanor which completely minimized any stress I had and made all the roadblocks and hurdles that much easier to tackle. 


You can trust Clare.  She thinks outside the box, offering up innovative solutions that come easily for her but not to others.  She is dedicated, hard working individual and will take any challenge head on.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend her services and expertise to any person or business any day of the week.

Jennifer Gouin

Owner, Jennifer Joan Skincare

I've worked with Clare on a variety of projects - she has always been very patient and understanding to my business needs and truly cared about our over all success. Working with Clare enabled us to launch strategic social media campaigns. We also work together on promotional campaigns and events, all successful.  


Dacey Cooper-Varga

Owner, Colour on Fire

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